Organic Green Earl Grey 60% Dark Chocolate

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  • Gluten-Free


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Chocolate, as we know it, is derived from the fatty seeds of the cocoa tree –native to Central and South America. Traditionally celebrated by the Aztecs for its rich taste and medicinal properties, these seeds have played a role in Latin American cultures for thousands of years-with its name literally translating to “food of the gods”. Since then much of the world has joined in the celebration of cocoa’s luscious taste and, more recently, have come to discover its legendary nutritional properties. The many health benefits that have now become associated with cocoa are a result of its abundant load of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants –with studies linking moderate cocoa consumption to a variety of benefits, ranging from increasing cardiovascular health to helping control blood pressure.

Hand crafted by our master chocolatier using only the highest quality organic cocoa beans, our chocolates strive to carry on the time-honored respect for this divine fruit. We believe that the genuine taste of the cocoa is what’s important, so we keep our ingredients simple: a rich blend of unsweetened chocolate and cocoa fat, a touch of sweetness from pure organic cane sugar, and (in the case of our milk chocolates) whole milk to create a silky mouth feel. These simple ingredients are then delicately infused with our own spices and herbs to give it a uniquely irresistible taste. The resulting melt-in-your-mouth creations boast the perfect gourmet texture, a rich taste of cocoa, and a variety of complex flavor profiles that promise to satisfy both dedicated connoisseurs and periodic indulgers.

This Organic Green Earl Grey Dark Chocolate features our 60% cacao dark chocolate deliciously infused with our green Earl Grey tea. The resulting sophisticated flavor profile comes from our authentic Earl Grey blend that uses true bergamot oil -the concentrated extract from the rind of the fragrant citrus fruit. For this particular creation, the traditional Earl Grey style has been altered, using green tea leaves as opposed to black. The resulting tea flavor is much more floral, thanks to the young green leaves used, giving the bar an unmatched aromatic quality that perfectly compliments the deep flavors of the rich cocoa.


Ingredients: Organic unsweetened chocolate, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa fat, organic green earl tea, organic bergamot oil, organic vanilla extract.

May contain traces of milk, peanuts, and/or other nuts. Organic, Gluten Free


Our chocolates are currently unavailable for online purchase due to shipping complications. We are currently working to find a solution to prevent them from melting during transit and until this is resolved will remain 'Sold Out' or when the weather cools down - whichever comes first.

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