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Coriander seeds are warm and fruity and, when roasted, nutty flavors emerge. Coriander is a great addition to a slow braise on meat and pairs very well with chilies and lime.

Try toasting coriander seeds in a dry pan on medium heat until they begin to color. Add the toasted seeds to your next salad or rice dish for some crunch.

Coriander may help with indigestion and high cholesterol levels.

Organic Coriander Seeds

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Compact 0.03 lbs $3.28
Tin 0.19 lbs $12.99
Ecoshaker 0.09 lbs $7.99
Glass Jar 0.32 lbs $7.99
Sous Chef 0.62 lbs $14.59
Master Chef 4.39 lbs $39.78
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