Compact Box

Simply crafted with the environment in mind.

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Made From Recycled Materials

We use recycled newsboard that is not too thin and not too thick in order to reduce the total amount of board that we consume.

100% Recyclable

Both the box and the ultrathin plastic bag are 100% recyclable. If you choose, the box is also compostable.

Ultra-light plastic

We use the thinnest possible plastic to ensure maximum freshness, quality and make as small of an impact on the environment as possible.

The Perfect Size. Only What You Need

How many times have you seen a recipe that calls for a special spice or two? It's always hard to justify buying a huge amount of a spice you have never tried, especially when the recipe you want only calls for a tablespoon. We've all been there. The spicely compact box is the perfect solution to this.

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