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Cajun seasoning adds the smokey spicy flavor to your favorite southern dishes without cluttering your pantry. Add 1 tablespoon seasoning to 1 pound of meat. Add 1 tablespoon seasoning to 4 cups broth for a cajun creole stew.

To blacken fish or chicken, simply rub fish or meat with a little bit of oil before coating with cajun seasoning. Pan-sear the seasoned meat in a pre-heated pan.

Ingredients: organic paprika, organic pepper, organic onion, organic garlic, organic oregano, organic cumin, and organic cayenne.

Organic Cajun Seasoning, Salt and Sugar Free

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Compact 0.04 lbs $3.99
Tin 0.28 lbs $14.28
Ecoshaker 0.15 lbs $7.99
Sous Chef 1.12 lbs $29.46
Master Chef 5.39 lbs $78.36
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