Organic Paprika

  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Sugar Free
  • Salt Free


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Our Organic Paprika is truly one of the wonders of the culinary spice world, packing a powerful punch of spicy chili-like flavor, nostril-widening aromatic properties, and an ability to beautifully color dishes. While paprika is most closely associated with Hungarian cuisine, culinary usage of the spice has spread across the world, thanks to its uniquely delicious flavor-enhancing ability. Our all-natural paprika has been direct sourced and processed without the aid of any chemicals, to ensure a divinely fresh flavor and fragrance.

Paprika is derived from chili peppers, particularly the fruits of the Capsicum annuum plant. All chili peppers came from the Americas in the late 1400’s and spread quickly across Europe and Africa. These chili peppers were brought through Africa and Asia and eventually ended up with people of the Ottoman Empire, which was based in Hungary and Austria. While this same spice was very popular in parts of Spain, it took hold particularly in the foods of Hungary and Central Europe where it is now a staple.

One of the most significant health benefits of paprika is the presence of carotenoids, a nutrient family that includes Vitamin A. A high concentration of Vitamin A makes this spice an anti-oxidant powerhouse; a tablespoon contains 3,349 international units, over 100% of the daily-recommended allowance. This same load packs 2 milligrams of Vitamin E, which is believed to be excellent for controlling blood clot formation and aiding with healthy blood vessels.

Use at Home
Our premium paprika boasts a powerfully rich and spicy flavor profile that can be used to enhance the natural flavors of nearly all savory dishes—both meat and vegetable based. Because of the depth of heat, it works very well with chocolate for a delicious molé rub for ribs or chicken breasts. When frying, a few tablespoons of a mild paprika can add lots of flavor to the oil, which infuses deliciously into the foods. Another unique usage is adding a few teaspoons to a creamy salad dressing—transforming it from average to mouth-watering. It is also a great addition to a curry, adding a bit of heat and depth that contrasts nicely with the traditional spices like turmeric.