Organic Curry Leaves, Whole

  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Sugar Free
  • Salt Free


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These leaves are harvested from the curry tree, which is in the citrus family and native to South Asia. They are prized for the sharp but subtle flavor boost that they lend to dishes, and have long been a staple in South Indian cuisine. Although, it is often times incorporated into curries, it is important to note that these leaves, in fact, have nothing to do with the blend of spices that make up the beautifully orange curry dishes that you are familiar with. On the contrary, these savory leaves are a flavor of their own, capable of lending beautifully aromatic notes of peppery-lemon to foods of all kinds. Along with the complex flavor profile, the antioxidant packed leaves are also prized for their nutritional benefits such as relieving gastro-intestinal issues and controlling blood glucose levels for diabetics.

Use at home

Traditionally the leaves are used in stews and curry style dishes, however, today it’s pungent and pleasantly bitter taste has begun being used to add a layer of complexity to nearly all types of savory dishes. If you want to experiment with a traditional use, try the South Indian method of sautéing some of our organic curry leaves in butter with onions and spices –forming a delicious base for a stew or braise. A less culinary-complex (but equally delicious!) use, is to simply mix some dried curry leaves into any soup or stew. Once you fall in love with the deliciously unique flavors that these leaves hold, you can start experiment with their use in edible-adventures of all kinds! Try mixing it into your dough for a delightfully aromatic loaf of bread, blend up mangos and curry leaves to create a zesty chutney, or use it as an infusion or garnish to create a refreshing cocktail!